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4BIZapp® ROI analysis


*Patent pending technology
#1 Productivity Gain:
44 hours saved by 4BIZapp® / yr.
  • Avg. time saving per user (i.e. broker, agent, staff)
  • Your subscription costs less than the value of the time you save, and that's just scratching the surface.
#2 Lawsuit Protection:
$39,000 avg. paid claim | $10,000 - $100,000 avg. legal expenses
  • 4BIZapp® is cheap insurance as compared to paying out of pocket or suffering from sky high insurance premiums.
  • The average paid claim, according to Victor Insurance Management, was $39,000 in 2022.
  • For a real estate E&O claim, attorney’s fees alone can easily amount to at least $10,000, and attorney costs of $100,000 or more are not unheard of in complex cases.
#3 Ransomware Protection:
$220,298 avg. cost of attack
  • In 2021, the average ransom demand reached $220,298 — up 43 percent compared to 2020.
  • In 2021, 37 percent of all businesses and organizations were hit by ransomware.
  • Out of all ransomware victims, 32 percent pay the ransom, but they only get 65 percent of their data back.
  • Only 57 percent of businesses are successful in recovering their data using a backup.

If you’re a real estate professional using existing technologies like customer relationship (CRM) software and transaction management software (TMS), you’re no doubt aware that these tech products, although helpful, have serious limitations.

Your CRM is powerless to help you with the most important aspect of your communications: keeping them organized, accessible, easily searchable and automatically archived.

4BIZapp® gives you an easy, hassle-free way to record all your transaction-related phone conversations. It works with all carriers and devices without the need for any additional hardware or software.

4BIZapp® saves you time. It automatically organizes all your transaction-related phone and video calls, voice mail messages, texts, emails and attachments in one easy-to-access location sorted by transaction and the contacts that created them.

The average user toggles between different applications and websites nearly 1,200 times each day. -Harvard Business Review, August, 2022.

4BIZapp® is smart protection against costly lawsuits. When you’ve done your job well, and all your communications are archived in one safe place, it’s easy for you to protect yourself against people who accuse you of misconduct.

The numbers of lawsuits against brokers, agents and real-estate professionals increased by 9% between 2021 and 2022. Zach Vollmer, an SVP at Victor Insurance Managers, predicted that the number of lawsuits will further increase. -Insider

4BIZapp® cyber security safeguards your transactions from cyber & communication fraud with a patent pending communication firewall that preemptively blocks all phishing attacks, like wire fraud attempts, ransomware, AI voice and video impersonation & more.

31% of NAR’s polled members anticipate that they will need new cyber security technology within the next 2 years. -National Association of Realtors®

4BIZapp® can strengthen client relations. Improve your response times & preparedness for possible problematic issues with high priority text alerts triggered by sentiment analysis. Learn each contact’s favorite days & times associated with their calls, texts & emails, and what they prefer. Reach them when they are most receptive. Use trust analytics assigned to contact's to build stronger trust bonds.

A Gallup poll found that of the categories surveyed, real estate agents ranked as one of the least-trusted professions. -Forbes

4BIZapp® should be your first line of defense. Subscribe now for a better way to record and archive transaction communications, gain valuable time, defend your profits against lawsuits, add a powerful layer of cyber security against fraud, and benefit from the next generation of client relation tools.

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4BIZapp® should be your first defense

Error & Omissions insurance claims should be your last

Perhaps you think that you’re already protected against lawsuits because you’re paying premiums for errors and omissions insurance. But if you’re actually following your insurance company’s recommendations for how to protect yourself, you’ll quickly realize that the 4BIZapp offers better protection than what you’re currently doing.

Insurers typically recommend that you manually document every communication with your clients:

Are you doing all this?

And are you doing it all well?

If you are, how much time is it taking you to manage?

How accurate is your manual documentation? Do you consistently find that you’re able to remember every last detail and nuance of your phone conversations with clients when you summarize and document them later? Do you ever miss documenting critical details?

Wouldn’t you be better off having actual recordings of your phone conversations that can be automatically emailed to you and your clients, plus automatically archived and organized for you?

Think about this: Your E&O insurance provider isn’t a magic genie. They need you to be smart, accurate, proactive and ethical about doing your job; if you aren’t, they’ll be raising your premiums at best, or, in a worst case scenario, they’ll be out of business.

This is why they recommend you document your communications. They know it protects you AND it protects them. It’s to your advantage and theirs to maintain records about your communications, because this is the only way to pre-emptively protect yourself and them against malicious lawsuits.

They know that many E&O lawsuits can be proactively prevented simply by producing evidence of the actual contents of your communications.

If you don’t document your communications, you’re vulnerable to lawsuits from predatory clients because they are fully aware that it falls somewhere between challenging and impossible for you to prove what you actually said to them.

If you’re doing your job, you’ll find that the 4BIZapp is easily worth its minimal cost because, first of all, it saves you time that would otherwise be spent on documenting your communications. Beyond that, since 4BIZapp’s technology allows you to record the entire contents of your phone conversations, it vastly reduces your vulnerability to malicious lawsuits.

The main takeaway: Even if you’re paying for E&O insurance, you’ll find that 4BIZapp is worth its minimal cost because it helps you do a better job of following your insurance company’s recommendations for keeping yourself safe.


4BIZapp® records transaction calls, archives all transactions communications in one place, saves time, defends profits against lawsuits and fraud, plus a lot more

Own your transaction communications

Capture, collate, record and archive all participating parties’ communications including phone calls (mobile, satellite, landline, VOIP, VM), video calls, video meetings, text messages, emails and chat. These communications are sorted by their associated transactions and the contacts that created them, and they’re available in timelines.

Quick to master

Easy to use because all 4BIZapp’s controls mimic the applications you already use every day to call, text, email, handle attachments, share and navigate. Other functions simply integrate directly with the apps you already use. Simply create a transaction, link contacts to it, and start communicating. It's easy and fast.

Sentiment alerts

You get text alerts notifying you if the software encounters evidence of a possible problem or high priority situation with clients or business associates. This can help you to be proactive about resolving potential problems quickly.

Trust reporting

Improve customer relations and your personal performance growth by taking advantage of a tool suite that’s designed to help you identify trust issues and navigate them with finesse.

Best communication times & methods

Preferred communication reporting allows you to select your clients’ and business associates’ favorite ways to communicate. It can also provide data like the best time window and day to perform each type of communication.

Collate just attachments

Display all attachments that pertain to a specific transaction of communications, like documents, files, images, audio and video that can be spread across text and email and can also include audio and video files from calls / meetings that occurred.

Record calls hassle free

Record any phone call across carriers or networks using any device, without needing any other software or additional hardware. Voice messages (VM) are also incorporated into timelines.

Maximize call recordings

Smart recording is a proprietary automation process that helps ensure you maximize legal call recordings. Without it, recording opportunities may be lost or not hold up in court.

Add searchable notes

No matter what kind of communication is in your timeline, you can add notes, comments and flags to it. This can be a lifesaver far in the future when you need to find specific communications.

Add your team & staff

Add them and assign preferences as to what kinds of communications they can automatically receive. Alert notifications can help empower everyone to work together cohesively and maximize productivity.

Cyber Fraud Blocker

4BIZapp® proactively helps eliminate SPAM and unwanted communications from reaching you through this system. That means you do not have to take any spam-blocking actions after subscribing -- no cleanup or call blocking -- and your communication timelines are spotless.

Communication freedom

Your clients do not need to use the 4BIZapp® to communicate with you. They do not have to register, download, install, or even access a browser-based application. They can communicate with you any way they like, so their experience is totally seamless.

Intelligent call routing

Quickly route calls to various phones numbers, including those of staff and team members, or voice mail. Select up to three routes from a multitude of combinations. For example #1-- your mobile, #2-- an office assistant, #3-- voice mail.

SaaS Advantage: Browser App

Using 4BIZapp® as software as a service (SaaS) means no downloads, installation or wasting time with updates. Simply connect to any browser on your mobile device, laptop or desktop computer, log in, and you’re ready to go.


4BIZapp® is the best choice for real estate transactions


4BIZapp® frequently asked questions


A CRM is used to interact with contacts, but it doesn't capture all communicaitons, like call recording. Further it doesn't organize conversations by a transaction name, rather only by contact. If you do 25 transactions a year with a title rep who is a contact in your CRM, first and foremost, you have failed to record every call. Next, every communication you do have, like email is just listed under your contact. With the 4BIZapp®, every conversation with your title rep is now organized by the specific transaction it is assoicated with, and further contains every other associated contact's conversations from calls, texts, emails & attachments. Plus you can add notes to any communication, regardless of type. It could be very handy to flag and / or label an important call and text, i.e. Easement issue. Ths makes it easy to find in a year if a lawsuit were to arise, and the memory has long forgotten the intracies of the transaction.

No, they do not. They have a totally seamless experience using their normal communication preferences. When you link them to a transaction they are involved in from the 4BIZapp®, they receive a vCard to update your contact info and an email with instructions to use your 4BIZapp® assigned toll free number for calling and texting you, and your 4BIZapp® email address (i.e. for the transaction. This way, your clients just dial your assigned toll free number direct and are instantly connected to you for calls relating to their transaction. You can select up to 3 phone numbers (i.e. these can be yours, staff or team) that can include your 4BIZapp® VM, so they are routed accordingly when they call you. They also use the same number for transaction related text messages. Naturally they would use your assigned email for email transaciton communications. This allows you to use all your other existing phone numbers for prospecting and day to day operations, where these 4BIZapp® call, text & email credentials are only used and provided for transaction communicaitons.

Your clients are generally only involved in one transaction at a time with one service provider, so linking their communications to transactions is simplified. Unlike service providers who are typically linked to a multitude of transactions. Thus, by using the 4BIZapp® to initiate calls and send texts, they are always linked to the correct transaction. Additionally, these functions just emulate the apps you normally use to make calls and texts, so there is no difference, inconvenience or any time lost. In fact time is saved by perforiming communicaitons from one location, as opposed to jumping from on app or device to another.

The 4BIZapp® employs a callback scenario, like when you use your phone to connect a conference call, where you first dial and connect a contact, then dial and connect another. Same with the app. It first calls you, it is the system. After you answer, it then dials your contact and merges the calls for recording. This allows you to call any phone numbers you want to use to call yourself, and any of your contacts phone numbers. So you aren't actually ever talking through the app, rather the phones normal protocol, and this can include mobile, satellite, and landlines.

You have a choice and should try both to see what works better for your workflow. That said, you can just reply back to emails in the transaction chain and forward emails from your favorite email app, as the 4BIZapp® issues these initial chain emails when you link contacts and contact groups to a transaciton. You can also use the 4BIZapp®, and may prefer to do so, as it works in the following ways. If you create a new email or reply from the 4BIZapp® it codes the email for transaction routing and then opens your favorite email app's editor. If you forward an email from the 4BIZapp®, you simply add the message from inside the 4BIZapp®, and then it emails it. Many prefer using the 4BIZapp® to initiate emails due to the ease of selecting the transaction recipients to email. You can also cc documents from e-signing and transaction management software to your 4BIZapp® email address so they are properly added to the corresponding transaction. For best results, make sure to add the subject line you have in other transaction related emails that contains the address, etc of the correct transaction. This will become apparent when you use the 4BIZapp®, where the transaction's subject is appended to all emails with the correct transaciton information. You also experience this with title docs where a file number is typicaly assigned, whereas the 4BIZapp® uses the property address for a routing match so you can more easily identify your own transactions.

Yes. Unlimited staff and team can be added to your one subscription.

Yes. You can set access privileges to each individual and vary their access levels in the application, including setting what copies of the various communicaitons get delivered to them.

You are not charged for inactive transactions. Each subscription includes an ample amount of storage space. If you did exceed your storage, upgrading your subscription increases storage capacity.

An application might mean different things these days to different people. 4BIZapp® is an app that runs in a browser, or could be considered a browser app, yet it also checks off all the SaaS checkboxes, so it is SaaS which runs as a browser app. Yes, both apps and SaaS (typically browser apps) run in a browser application, where you typically just login. Think of a browser app as a popular email application on the web. Many of these could be considered SaaS if you subscribe to gain better features, as most are free upfront. On a mobile device, applications need to be downloaded and installed like traditional apps for your pc / laptop that require intallation. 4BIZapp® runs in a browser so their is no need to download, install or update anything. The industry use to say browser app alone, but the new fancy name is SaaS (software as a service), to further delineate between the minor differences of web apps, browser apps, mobile apps and traditional apps, where traditional apps now need additional differeniation for those that migrated to become browser apps. 4BIZapp® is both a browser app and ticks all the SaaS checkboxes, however on a mobile device, you run it through your browser so you do not have to download, install or ever update. It may be offered in other iterations as well in the future.


Pricing Options

Take advantage of SMART subscription and let the 4BIZapp® help you select the best subscription for your transaction communication needs. Here is how it works.

Start your Tier 1 subscription. If you exceed your plan limits, you will be automatically upgraded and prorated to the next plan so you never experience service interruptions, and quickly find your optimum plan.

If 4BIZapp® isn't right for you, cancel your subscription anytime.

  • All Plans Include:

    Tier 1-Tier 12

  • Full system access & tools
  • Collate & archive voice, video, text, email & attachments
  • System assigned DID toll free number(s) & email address
  • Text transcription for voice & VM calls
  • Nitro SPAM firewall preemptively blocks all not legit communications to the transaction
  • Advanced call routing – direct inbound calls up to 3 locations sequentially
  • Voice mail – Capture contact VM’s in communication timelines
  • Add team members or assistants – set their system & communication access
  • Preferred communication method reporting - learn the best method and times to reach out to contacts
  • Positive to negative emotion, trust and issue reports spanning communications
  • Add notes comments & flags to any communication
  • Download any attachment or share, reply or forward any communication
  • Capture emails from e-signing & transaction coordination software
  • Support
  • Documetation

  • Tier 1

    $19.95 / Mo

  • 220 MIN VOICE, 40 EMAILS, 40 SMS, 20 MMS

  • Est. Active Transactions / mo: 0-5
  • 6GB storage
  • Start smart subscription
  • Tier 2

    $34.95 / Mo

  • 450 MIN VOICE, 100 EMAILS, 100 SMS, 50 MMS

  • Est. Active Transactions / mo: 5-10
  • 15GB storage
  • Start smart subscription
  • Tier 3

    $59.95 / Mo

  • 750 MIN VOICE, 150 EMAILS, 150 SMS, 75 MMS

  • Est. Active Transactions / mo: 10-20
  • 20GB storage
  • Auto upgrade if Tier 2 subscription limits are exceeded

  • Tier 4

    $79.95 / Mo

  • 1,000 MIN VOICE, 200 EMAILS, 200 SMS, 100 MMS

  • Est. Active Transactions / mo: 20-30
  • 25GB storage
  • Auto upgrade if Tier 3 subscription limits are exceeded

  • Tier 5

    $119.95 / Mo

  • 1,500 MIN VOICE, 300 EMAILS, 300 SMS, 150 MMS

  • Est. Active Transactions / mo: 30-45
  • 35GB storage
  • Auto upgrade if Tier 4 subscription limits are exceeded
  • Tier 6

    $159.95 / Mo

  • 2,000 MIN VOICE, 400 EMAILS, 400 SMS, 200 MMS

  • Est. Active Transactions / mo: 45-65
  • 50GB storage
  • Auto upgrade if Tier 5 subscription limits are exceeded
  • Tier 7

    $249.95 / Mo

  • 3,000 MIN VOICE, 600 EMAILS, 600 SMS, 300 MMS

  • Est. Active Transactions / mo: 65-90
  • 75GB storage
  • Auto upgrade if Tier6 subscription limits are exceeded
  • Tier 8

    $319.95 / Mo

  • 4,000 MIN VOICE, 800 EMAILS, 800 SMS, 400 MMS

  • Est. Active Transactions / mo: 90-120
  • 100GB storage
  • Auto upgrade if Tier 7 subscription limits are exceeded
  • Tier 9

    $439.95 / Mo

  • 6,000 MIN VOICE, 1200 EMAILS, 1200 SMS, 600 MMS

  • Est. Active Transactions / mo: 120-180
  • 150GB storage
  • Auto upgrade if Tier 8 subscription limits are exceeded
  • Tier 10

    $549.95 / Mo

  • 8,000 MIN VOICE, 1600 EMAILS, 1600 SMS, 800 MMS

  • Est. Active Transactions / mo: 180-240
  • 200GB storage
  • Auto upgrade if Tier 9 subscription limits are exceeded
  • Tier 11

    $829.95 / Mo

  • 12,000 MIN VOICE, 2400 EMAILS, 2400 SMS, 1200 MMS

  • Est. Active Transactions / mo: 240-360
  • 300GB storage
  • Auto upgrade if Tier 10 subscription limits are exceeded
  • Tier 12

    $1099.95 / Mo

  • 16,000 MIN VOICE, 3200 EMAILS, 3200 SMS, 1600 MMS

  • Est. Active Transactions / mo: 360-480
  • 400GB storage
  • Auto upgrade if Tier 11 subscription limits are exceeded

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